Planting Trees after Stump Removal

Having stumps in your lawn can be quite frustrating. The process of removing stumps is not easy and requires some level of professionalism. If you have had a tree company remove the stumps from your yard, you can have new trees in that space. One of the main reasons why most people want to have the stumps removed is to create some space, which can be used for other things.

Ordinarily, some people will have stumps left after trees have been cut down. The best solution for this is to have a professional company get rid of the stump like tree removal services in Hutchinson. There are many options that can be used, with most modern tree service companies opting for stump grinding. So with the new space, you can now have new trees planted and have the natural beauty thrive on your property. Here are some tips to follow when growing new trees after stump removal:

Proper Clean Up

The first step is to have proper cleanup of the area. Ordinarily, stump grinding will leave a whole lot of debris and saw dust on the ground. It is true that this can serve as good mulch and add nutrients to the soil. However, in order to have the perfect mixture, it is advisable to have the excess wood chips removed. When you do this, you will create the right balance of the soil mixture. You can make use of the ground wood as mulch for the other plants that you have in your compound. Before planting the new plants, you should mound the soil as the sawdust will settle over time.

Work on the Roots

It is important to note that even after you have ground the stump, the roots will remain. This can be a serious challenge as for the new plants. Most experts in horticulture recommend planting new trees after 12 months of uprooting the existing trees. However, there are other options that can be used if you want to have the trees planted right way. This will entail digging out the roots, or as much as you can remove.

If you choose to dig out the area, you should start by assessing the area to see the extent of the roots. If they are more than the healthy soil, it would be best to wait for a year so that the roots can decompose.

Size of Trees

When you need to plant new trees where the stump has been removed, you should shop for trees that are smaller than the one that has been removed. By so doing, you will be able to give the new tree adequate room to grow in a healthy manner. It is best to talk to a tree expert so that you can find the right trees to plant in that space.

With these simple tips, you should be able to plant healthy trees in the space where you have removed the stumps. Hiring a certified arborist will be advisable for such a task. Grab some more information about Hutchinson Kansas if you are visiting or needing it for travel purposes.