Stump Grinding: A fact file

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For trees, the earth has been home for several years before the first man walked upon it. They existed when dinosaurs roamed and they have been privy to every other important milestone that has occurred since then, with the first tree was said to have existed over 300 million years ago during the carboniferous era. Hence, it’s no surprise that scientists have long looked towards trees in general in search of answers to the questions that have long plagued the human race.

Trees are a living organism that enjoy a generally longer life span than human beings. The average tree is said to live to about 100 years whilst some special trees can live to 3,500 years. They also flourish in just about any location as they could be spotted from the deserts of the Sahara to the Amazonian rainforest to the streets of Abu Dhabi.

Trees also have a lifespan chart which is similar to humans in the sense that it starts with birth and ends with death. At the pinnacle of their lives, trees can grow up to 8ft depending on the specie of tree and could go on to top 10ft.

However, not all trees get the chance to top out at 10ft. sometimes life happens and your favorite tree could fall sick, become a victim of adverse weather conditions or you may simply need space for a garage. When this happens, the trees would have to be removed with any of the many tree removal techniques that are out there.

However, most times after the tree has been removed, the stump is left behind. The stump of a tree refers to the bottom part of a tree left projecting from the ground after most of the trunk has fallen or been cut down.

At this point, it you have two options. Either you decide to completely remove the stump from the floor or you decide to grind it. Stump grinding is done by a stump grinder which is a machine with heavy rotating disks that grind the stump left in your soil.

As much as stump grinding is a necessity, many tree removal companies do not offer the service due to the expenses involved in purchasing and maintaining a stump grinder. As opposed to stump removal, stump grinding does not damage your grounds and neither does it ensure your tree can never grow again.