Stump Grinding: Why Grind?

Trees play a more important role in our lives than just beautifying our compound and our neighborhood. They act as a balancing mechanism in the ecosystem providing oxygen for human consumption and using up the carbon dioxide that we emit. They also help conserve the ozone layer by emitting sensitive chemicals.

As much as trees provide endless beauty and help keep our ozone layer in check, sometimes they need to be cut down to either make room for that extra garage space you crave or to expand your road. When this happens, odds are you will end up with a stump and a tree removal service that is offering you a myriad of options as to what to do with that stump.

Whilst some people favor allowing stumps to decompose, decomposing takes between 3 to 7 years depending on the tree species and weather conditions of your environment. Softer woods like pine trees decay faster than trees like the Hickory tree. Also, it helps your decay process if your tree is cut as low as possible as the closer your tree is to the ground, the faster your stump is likely to decay. Ensure to ask about your tree removal service about stump cuts as they are called.

Trees like poplar and pine trees are built without roots above the ground hence their stump cuts should be less than a few inches above the ground. Trees with wide trunks like cedar trees cannot be cut too close to the ground and stump cuts would be more expensive.

For trees classified as hardwoods like the Hickory tree, stump grinding is a faster and surefire way to get rid of your stump as decomposition takes an inordinate amount of time. The harder and denser trees are built to prevent moisture and air from seeping in and these are two necessary things for wood decomposition as the nitrogen found in the air serves as food to the bacteria that works on the stump.

However, to hack this, try drilling holes into your stump and manually insert nitrogen based substances like fertilizers to serve as a catalyst for the process, the douse the stump with water and cover it all together with leaves, dirt or any other material to help keep the environment warm and moist. You can also check out Wichita News for updates in Wichita.

Unlike decay, stump grinding is done in a matter of hours and your space can immediately fit the vision you had in mind for it.


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