Stump Grinding

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Whenever a tree is removed from the compound, chances are that you will need to get stump grinding later. A stump is the part of a trunk and roots that are left behind after you cut the tree. The only way you can grind the stump is if it is dry. It has to be left out for some time for this to happen unless the tree was almost dead before you cut it.

Reasons for Stump Grinding

Stumps are great for kids to climb on and jump off of. Even pets enjoy this. You could also use your stump as a stool to sit on while you are in the yard relaxing or taking in the fresh air. However, having a stump in your compound is not all rosy. You need to consider that this stump poses a number of dangers to people in the compound as well as pets.

First, people can easily trip on the stump when they are in a hurry and not entirely are of their surroundings. This is especially true with people who do not live in your home. You do not want to get sued when people get injuries in your compound. To reduce the likelihood, you need to remove the stump. In addition to this, you would also have to get the stump removed because encourages growth of fungi. As stumps decay, they provide suitable ground for this growth. This could lead to diseases especially for children who play around the stump.

Benefits of Stump Grinding

You can also consider the various benefits of removing a stump from your yard. They include:

  • Infinite landscaping opportunities as a result of level ground
  • Mulch for use with other plants and trees
  • Selling the mulch can be an income earner

With these benefits, you should definitely consider getting stump grinding services where a tree was removed in your yard.

Getting a Professional

Unlike tree removal, there are no conditions under which you should consider grinding a stump unless you are a professional. This is because the process requires the use of power tools. First, you need to know how to test whether the tools are in good condition. This can be tricky and lead to injuries if you do not know how to use the equipment in the first place. For this process, you also need a lot of protective gear to cater for any eventualities. These will prevent serious injuries. To top it off, you would need to buy this equipment which is often expensive. Unless you plan on renting out the equipment to other DIY stump grinders, just get a professional to do it.


Stump grinding is an important tree removal process. It helps to level your compound so you can consider a variety of landscaping solutions for your compound. It also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your compound by removing the unsightly stubble. You should get an expert to provide these services instead of risking injury and damage by doing it on your own.