Stump grinding vs Stump decay and Stump removal

Long before man took his first steps on earth, trees have been sending their long roots deep into the soil for years. As a matter of fact, scientists dated the earliest trees to have existed about 300 million years ago around the carboniferous era. Which is why many scientists believe the cells of trees hold the answers to many of the problems facing mankind. Trees provide fruits which keep many from dying from starvation, provide shelter and housing for a few million people around the world and they also serve as a source of money for other families.

In all, the role trees play in the life of the average human cannot be downplayed especially the role it plays in the ecosystem. Consuming the carbon dioxide produced by human beings and going out oxygen to be used by human beings’ trees have been and will be a fundamental part of human lifestyle. 

From the deserts of the Sahara to the forests of the Amazon, the root of trees are deeply intertwined with the earth with the canopies provided by the trees home to tens of thousands of unique creatures.

But although trees have immense and numerous benefits, cutting them down is inevitable sometimes. From reasons ranging from death to sickness to simply your tree being cut down to create space for that extra room your garage so desperately needs.

After a tree is felled, the stump is left behind. The stump of a tree refers to the bottom part of a tree left projecting from the ground after most of the trunk has fallen or been cut down.



To get rid of the stump, a variety of methods could be applied. We compared the three popular methods of stump removal, check it out:

  1.  Pricing:

When removing your stump completely from the ground, the amount of machinery required brings a cost that is outrageous. Whilst allowing the stump to decay requires regular shots of nitro-based fertilizer so as to speed up the decay process. This does not come cheap and leads to unnecessary spend.

With stump grinding, the only cost to be incurred is in either renting the stump machine if you want to do it yourself or contracting it out to a tree removal company.


Stump removal takes a few days to complete, and this does not take into account the logistics required to move the necessary machinery to the site. Whilst stump decay takes about 5 – 8 months depending on a few factors.

Stump grinding? Regardless of the mass and density of your stump, it is all sure to go away within a day.


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