How does your lawn appear? Is the grass as green as you would want it? If not, then it may be as a result of the stumps that are on the lawn. If you need to restore the glory of your landscape, we are here to offer professional stump grinding and removal services. Wichita Tree Service Pros has been in business over 10 years and we have perfected the art of stump removal.

When you leave stumps idling in your property, they will decay and rot and they will attract insects, which eventually affect other plants. By having the experts remove the stumps, you will be saving the other trees. Some companies may suggest that you should wait for the stumps to decompose naturally, which may take a whole lot of time and cause damage to your lawn.


Professional Stump Removal

If you have kids, the stumps can be dangerous as they may trip the kids while they are playing. The truth is, when you have a stump in your yard, it does not create an appealing look. The best thing id to have it removed as soon as you can. However, caution should be taken when hiring someone to remove the stumps. If you hire unprofessional companies, you will end with a bigger mess than the stump.

When you hire us, we will come with modern tools and equipment to remove these stumps. In order to remove the stumps completely, we have a team of skilled grinders. We will grind the stump and to your advantage, this is turned into mulch that can be used for other gardening purposes. Once we are through with the process, you can even plant grass and other plants on the space where the stump.

Do not go for the various DYI methods for stump removal as it may end up taking a whole lot of your time and the results will bit be as expected. We have heavily invested in the best equipment, machinery and training our crew. This will make the process fast and reliable.


No Chances of Regrowth

We will not only remove the stumps, but also ensure that we have put all measures in place to

prevent the regrowth of the stumps on your yard. You must have realized how difficult it is to even mow your lawn with the stumps all over. We will grind the stumps to the ground and clear out all the debris. The main advantage of working with Wichita Tree Service Pros is that we will leave your yard looking attractive. In fact, hardly will anyone tell that there was a stump on your lawn.

Are you looking for a professional solution for getting rid of stumps? You are at the right place and feel free to talk to any of our experts to get a free quote. We can assure you that we are the best in the region and our prices are quite affordable. Looking forward to enhancing the beauty of your lawn.