Tree Care and Maintenance

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Do you plant a garden and leave it to fend for itself hoping that it will flourish and grow to meet your need? The answer to this is a simple no. You have to take care of the flowers or other plants in order for them to grow healthy. The same applies to trees. These are big plants that most assume do not need care but they actually do. Once you plant the tree, you will first need to ensure that it gets the moisture it needs by watering it. Depending on the season, you can also mulch around the roots to ensure that this moisture is locked in and not dried out by the harsh sun.

These are not the only tree care and maintenance services that your tree needs. Others include:

Trimming and Pruning

Some branches have a way of growing too big or not having enough leaves and flowers. If you have fruit-bearing trees, it is also easy to have a poor yield. You can remedy these situations by trimming your tree. Once you trim, the branch is able to grow out well. The tree will increase production of fruit and flowering. In addition to this, you can even consider pruning and trimming as a way to make your trees uniform if you are using them as part of the landscaping design.

Trimming and pruning should be done by a professional. If some trees are pruned in the wrong season, the sap bleeds out and the structure becomes weak. This cannot be remedied and the tree would eventually need to be cut down as it poses a danger of falling over during erratic weather.

Supporting Weak Trees

The other thing that you need to consider as part of tree care is supporting weak structures. Most people think that you have to cut down a tree the minute you find that the structure is weak. This is not the case. Some professionals recommend fencing around the tree to support it when it is younger. You can also use various support structures to keep the tree steady and prevent it from falling over during storms and gusts of wind.

For some younger trees, this support is instrumental in ensuring that the tree grows stronger as it grows taller and bigger. You can only know such things if you get an arborist to take a look at your trees and recommend the best course of action at every turn.

Disease and Pest Control

Since trees and plants, you cannot ignore the fact that they often get diseased or even have pests. This can be dangerous to other plants, pets and people in your compound. Instead of waiting for the worst, you should have an arborist check on your trees periodically to ensure that they are healthy. In a case where they are not, it will help to catch the disease or infestation in time since it is easier to deal with and restore the tree to its former health in a relatively period of time.