Tree removal: How to fall a tree

Tree removal is much more than simply applying a chainsaw to the base of the tree. It requires deductive reasoning, a knowledge of tree physics, biology and a few other technical know-how. Inadequate knowledge in any of the aforementioned categories could mean the difference when taking a decision that could either end or save a life.

We have compiled a beginner’s guide to understanding how a tree is fallen this is taken in removing trees in Wichita:

  • Identify the drop path:

Simply put, drop path refers to the route through which the tree is going to fall as well as the general area where it is going to fall. It is important to properly calculate how much land is needed for the tree you are about to chop. Take note of the other trees, branches or properties in the vicinity and try to figure out how substantial the damage would be if there would be any at all. If all options are exhausted ant the tree cannot be completely chopped off at a go, consider topping it initially. Topping a tree refers to cutting off just the top part of the tree initially. After the tree has been chopped, repeat the drop path identification process.


  • Attach a rope:

You cannot physically pull the rope down, no matter how much force you exert into the process. A safer way to fell trees is to tie a rope to the top of the tree. The rope serves a few purposes. One of which is to ensure directional stability during the fall which means the tree falls into the exact location you want it to fall to. You can also check Wichita State University if you also need to have a tour around it.


  • Make your cuts:

When felling trees, two cuts are of utmost importance. The hinge cut is from an upside 7 with your chainsaw perpendicular to the drop path. The back-cut is a horizontal cut on the back of the tree opposite the hinge. The back-cut should be cut at the same level as the bottom of the hinge as you stop a few inches from chopping off the entire tree. The hinge controls the direction of the tree which is why the tree is expected to be anchored by ropes from all angles. In the scenario the hinge is not cut correctly or cut through completely, the tree falls in the direction it is leaning.


  • Now pull:

At this junction, all you have to do is pull your rope!

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