Tree removal: Understanding some of the risks involved

Trees are great additions to our homes, environments and to the planet at large. From the deserts of sahara to the forests of the amazon, trees provide several benefits to millions of people around the world.

But for every benefit a tree provides, there is also an equal if not worse evil it could wrought if not managed properly. Like humans, trees live, die and also fall sick. When any of the aforementioned happens to a tree, it becomes a liability and it is important to have it removed before it posses a substantial threat to yourself and your loved ones.

You know them as tree removal specialists and you see them climb up as they chop off your tree and whisk it away. But tree removal work is the most dangerous part of caring for a tree. When a tree is being cut like removing trees in Wichita, it is imperative the tree removal specialist understands basic tree physics, biology, usage of tools, cutting techniques and advanced techniques and so much more.

This is why home owners are not advised to take on this arduous task by themselves. Check out some of the risks involved in tree removal:

  • Power lines:

When cutting trees that are in close proximity to power lines, it is safe to assume that the wires are live and are currently transmitting. This will guide you in your actions as it will force you to be overly cautious. Being overly cautious prevents you from hitting a power line and tripping off your power grid of worse. Also it is important to note that the black cover of power cables aren’t for insulation purposes. The covering is put there as a means of weather-proofing the metal cable that rests within. Hence you can still get electrocuted.


  • Decaying wood:

Most dead trees are often decaying from the inside which makes them very unstable and a very high-risk project. The problem is, homeowners allow the situation escalate before making the call in to a tree removal specialist who comes in to fix the situation.

  • Gravity:

Gravity is the tree removal specialist’s worst friend when he is working on a decaying tree. This is because once gravity gets involved on it’s own free will, controlling where it lands gets taken out of the picture immediately. When this happens, the outcome of where the tree land is taken from your hands and you can only hope it falls in an area devoid of anything you hold dear.

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