Tree Trimming: Why is it so important?

Trees and human beings have a mutually beneficial relationship. Trees consume carbon dioxide which humans produce and in return they provide human beings with oxygen for our consumption. They have also been around far longer than the human race In it’s entirety so it is no surprise scientists turn to tree to provide some sort of explanation about our origin story amongst other things.

Your average tree lives up to 100 years and a particular specie lives up to 3500 years. Apart from this, trees vary from each other. Depending on the region in which they are found in, some trees could be over 12ft and have thick trunks whilst others would be below 6ft with narrow trunks. From the scorching plains of the Sahara Desert to the Amazonian forest, trees are adequately equipped to handle their natural habitation.

Like humans, trees experience their growth in cycles. They have the infant stage where they struggle to survive on their own. At this stage, they are susceptible to external forces like the weather and sicknesses. Owners are advised to pay extra attention to trees in this stage as it is very easy for them to end up with a permanent illness.

As trees grow, it is imperative that corrective techniques be applied from time to time. As the name implies, they are meant to correct a defect spot in the tree before they achieve today maturity. An example of such corrective technique is tree trimming. It is the systematic process of chopping off part of the tree in order to correct a defect.

Tree trimming defers completely from tree removal or stump grinding because the other two mentioned techniques are meant to completely remove a tree.

Tree trimming is very important to trees for the following reasons:

  • It helps with crown and canopy thinning:

When a tree is trimmed, you increase the wind and light resistance due to the removal of carefully selected branches. Doing this grants your tree improved strength against bad weather because wind easily passes through it’s now freed up branches.


  • It helps conserve beauty:

Trees are also trimmed for aesthetic purposes. This occurs when it becomes overgrown or doesn’t fit into the pattern expected of it.


  • It helps with it’s life span:

Tree trimming is one of the renowned corrective techniques used with trees. When a branch is trimmed, the new stem that sprouts up in it’s place is said to be stronger and better rooted than it’s predecessor.

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