Tree Trimming: Types of Trims

For over 300 million years, trees have been present on the face of the earth. This predates the emergence of man and so it stands to reason that trees hold answers about the origin of mankind that would be very important if harnessed properly. They also provide a bevy of benefits to man kind ranging from the fruits they produce to the wood that is extracted from it in order to be used as a means of value exchange.

But above all, trees serve one golden purpose. They serve as a balance to an ecosystem that features mankind, animals and other creatures. Providing oxygen and consuming carbon dioxide, trees also help keep together the ozone layer with the chemicals it excretes.

In order to get the best out of your tree, there are techniques that are expected to be applied. This is after your tree is provided with optimal, sunlight, water as well as any other thing it needs. An example of a technique needed for tree growth is tree trimming. You can also learn more by looking in  trimming trees in Wichita KS area.

It is defined as the systematic and methodical cutting of a tree’s branches in order to aid growth and cure defects. It proffers several benefits like increased growth, stronger trunk etc.

There are various techniques that could be used when trimming a tree. Consider some of the following:

  • Thinning:

This is simply a more extreme type of pruning in the sense that a thin out cut is the complete removal of a limb, branch or shoot at it’s origin point. Most times, branches are thinned out to revitalize it and the condemned branches are often over-mature, weak or problematic in nature. If used properly, thinning offers the chance of new growth that will allow your tree spring forth

more fruits and flowers.

  • Topping:

This is another severe form of pruning that involves the complete removal of ALL branches or stem save for a few very large branches or even to the trunk on the tree. Used properly, topping allows younger trees to be trained for pollarding.

  • Raising & reduction:

Raising involves removing the lower branches from the selected tree so as to create space for commercial structures like roads, vehicles, buildings etc. whilst Reduction reduces the size of a tree moderately.

These three types of trimming techniques have different advantages and disadvantages as well as selective types of trees they could be applied too. Consult an expert before you make any decision.

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