Tree Trimming: What is it?

A widely known fact is that trees have been around the planet far longer than humans. In fact, recently scientists recently found a tree that was carbon dated to over 300 million years ago in an age devoid of human life.

Also, another reason why trees out populate human beings is because of their longevity. The average tree lives up to 100 years and some species are said to live to about 3,500 years and possess top notch regenerative abilities.

Trees are also unique in nature. Some trees are better suited to the deserts of Sahara whilst others can only be found exclusively in the amazon rainforest and so on. These different trees have different characteristics which allow them to thrive at their best in the most adverse regions.

As expected, tree growth could be easily divided into several stages. Stage 1 is infancy where the tree is still vulnerable. At this stage, the tree has not developed a thick enough bark to protect itself and it’s roots have not gone deep enough into the soil to withstand external attacks. At this point, it is wise to pay extra attention to the tree at this stage so as not to lose your plant.

A few stages down the line, the tree achieves prime of life stage. At this point, it’s roots are very broad in the soil and firm. It’s trunk can withstand virtually any external attack and it has a wide network of interconnected branches that depends on it for food and water.

Tree Trimming is defined as the systematic and intentional cutting of a trees features. It is defined as this because tree trimming is done mostly as a form of a corrective procedure. For example, before a tree achieves prime of life stage, it achieves youth stage. At this point, trees have the likelihood to grow stunted and most often than not they enter prime stage with these defects.

Tree Trimming is one of the best ways to correct such defects. The trees are inspected and marked in the adequate areas where if cut, it would lead to a reset in the tree’s growth cycle.

Tree trimming is an alternative to tree removal as trees could be trimmed completely to the barest form possible (the stump). After the tree has been trimmed, necessary safeguards are effected to ensure the tree regrows in a way that’s void of it’s previous defects.

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